Originally appeared on Şalom 08/17/19

Renan Koen talked about her “March of the Music” project on her YouTube channel.

Renan Koen

“Hello, I’m Renan Koen. I’m a pianist, composer, soprano and a music therapist. I created the ‘Positive Resistance through Holocaust Reality’ education in the light of Holocaust composers, whose works I have been playing for some time, and I have been teaching it to kids aged between 14 and 17. 

‘March of the Music’ is an annual event I created, where I take students to Theresienstadt. Kids who have already completed the ‘Positive Resistance through Holocaust Reality’ education, can participate in this activity. My goal is to show them the prisons and ghettos of Theresienstadt, spend two days there, have them experience Theresienstadt and also have them meet and talk to the survivors of Holocaust at the festival, that coincides with the tour dates and to make them listen to Theresienstadt’s music as much as possible.  

‘Positive Resistance through Holocaust Reality’ Training and ‘March of the Music’ have one requirement that is expected from the students. When they come back, I want students to create compositions according to their own skills. Later I publish and spread those compositions, around the world. I deliver their messages because yielding, creating, producing composition is the main requirement of positive resistance. 

If you want to follow the products of “March of the Music”, if you would like to watch the videos of the students’ experiences there, you can always check our website: